“Rocky” and the return of reservation TV

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Earlier this week, an old joke appeared on Twitter.In the countdown to release Disney+In the latest Marvel show, fans started tweeting that they were going to “stay up all night to find Loki.” The improvisation of the Daft Punk (Daft Pun-k?) track “Get Lucky” has appeared since at least 2013, when Rocky Star Tom Hiddleston Sing with reporters At the press conference Thor: The dark world. But now, it seems more relevant. Considering that Disney+ seems to stick to this plan, they release new episodes every week at 12:01 AM Pacific Time / 3:01 AM Eastern Time (seriously, why?), the only way to see them as soon as possible is to make coffee And wait.

There is of course a term: booking TV. But in the golden age of television, most of the content relied on streaming media, and people usually didn’t line up to watch the show when it was available.The last show people (well, nerds at least) really insist on watching as soon as possible is game of Thrones(Watch now, so as not to be spoiled!) Since then, fans have watched frantically as soon as they have a show, but the idea of ​​appearing every week to watch a new episode of airs feels outdated. However, under very special circumstances, it is back – even if it feels as retro as Jet Lag Administration technology.

I cannot emphasize enough the “specific case” part of the last sentence.The streaming service has now adopted a weekly rollout schedule for some shows-HBO Max’s hackerFor example, two new episodes are released every Thursday, and the last one aired yesterday-but it seems that the easiest place to get a place on the fan calendar are shows from well-known media.Therefore, when Mandalorian Decline in 2019 or when Wanda Vision Appearing in January, the audience is fixed, because fans have been following Star Wars and Marvel Legends for years.Viewers will appear in these shows in a way that they won’t appear in the second season Feel good On Netflix (although people should watch Feel good; This is a wonderful performance).

Of course, some of them are guesses.Disney+Already Quite tight-lipped Regarding its ratings, it’s hard to say how many people are watching it, but the volume of conversation on social media suggests that they are.Is not game of Thrones Engagement, but it’s there. Also, to clarify one thing, yes, there are still hordes of people listening on time, for example, Intern Grey And the NBA playoffs. Usually, presidential speeches or candidate debates can also be dating TV. This is not what I want to say here. Rather, it’s about streaming programs, which viewers usually see as part of a self-service TV option that can be accessed at any time, becoming a must-see (now) TV.

Of course, some of them may be Coronavirus disease Pandemic. During the lockdown, no Star Wars or Marvel movies were released. (Also, most people are trapped inside and have no choice.) Anyone struggling to fix the opening night has nowhere to go Bad batch or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Perhaps once the Marvel movie starts to return to theaters this summer, the desire to watch the new Disney+ shows will diminish.But until then, we all just hope to get Rocky.

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