McLaren is the next big racing team to join Extreme E

Extreme E is adding another Major racing teams To its electric off-road alliance.McLaren Racing has disclose It will join the second season of Extreme E in 2022. Although McLaren has not yet selected a driver, it pointed out that it will use personnel not in its Formula One plan. The rules will stipulate a small team of two drivers, one engineer and four mechanics in any given event.

McLaren is not shy about achieving goals. It sees Extreme E as a way to advance its larger “sustainability agenda”, let alone equality (each fleet has a male and a female driver). It also believes that this is an opportunity to “attract new audiences” using Extreme E’s unusual format.

When this supercar manufacturer supports electric formula racing at an amazing speed, it is no stranger to electric racing. Very early stage, Including the battery power system of the first two seasons. However, sending electric racers in the company’s own name is another matter-it signifies a deeper commitment to all-electric motorsports, even if this part is for publicity.

At the same time, this is a major victory for Extreme E. Although it already has some high-profile teams, including the X44 recently added by Lewis Hamilton, not many major automakers fully support the league-Cupra (a branch of Volkswagen Seating) is about the same size as it gets Like that. McLaren will not necessarily lead to the influx of major car brands, but it does provide Extreme E with additional credibility at critical moments.

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