Google Chrome will again display the full URL of the website

Google has reduce In the past few years, the URL in the Chrome omnibox search bar claimed that it made it easier for users to identify trusted domains.However, it has now cancelled the experiment and will display the entire URL as described in the developer Documentation be found Android police.

Once, Google planned Delete URL completely And only show search terms.Recently, it Simplified omnibox By hiding “https://www” and showing only the domain name. At the time, Google said it was trying to make things easier for ordinary users. Chrome manager Adrienne Porter Felt said: “They are difficult to read, it is difficult to know which part of them should be trusted, and in general, I think URL is not a good way to convey the identity of a website. wired In 2018.

However, once Google gave up www. and meters.From website, critic Hacker news As pointed out elsewhere, two different sites may look exactly the same, which may expose users to phishing attacks – among other problems.

Google has now given up and admitted that this idea did not work as expected. “Simplified field experiments were deleted,” wrote Emily Stark, the head of technology. “This experiment has no mobile-related security indicators, so we will not launch it.”

This change is now in effect in Chrome 91, and only “https://” is hidden by default.However, it is also easy to show this, just right-click on the omnibox or press ctrl, and then select “Always show full URL”, such as Android police Pointed out.

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