The’Evil Dead: The Game’ trailer shows the brutal multiplayer battle with Deadites

If you ever wanted a multiplayer game evil Dead The universe, you are about to fulfill your wish. Boss Team and Sabre Interactive have shared The first game trailer Evil Death: The Game, This is the premise you expect. Ash, Kelly, and the staff must work together to fight Deadites led by opponent players who play the role of powerful demons.In fact, this is a Died of sunlightStylized asymmetric headline with chainsaw hand and clever slogan by Bruce Campbell.

There is a lot of nostalgia.In addition to bringing together people from all over the world evil Dead For movies and shows, you will revisit familiar places and collect pages from Necronomicon. Oh, and there are more than a few brutal knockouts-including the creative use of a shovel. Then, the classic fusion of excessive violence and humor remains intact.

This evil Dead Although the game’s release date was announced in December last year, it was still designated as the universal “2021”. However, the title should reach current and previous generation consoles and PCs when it is released, so you should be able to gather friends to play together easily.

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