The former head of Call of Duty is making a new game for PlayStation

Two important figures in history call of Duty A new studio was established. At the Summer Games Festival, Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell before Treyarch announced the existence of Deviation Games. They also shared that they are developing a new IP for Sony, but did not elaborate on the project. Given the pedigree of the team, you might expect a first-person shooter game.

Anthony wrote in a post about games: “We are using what we have learned in the past few decades to develop games together, but we will also make some fresh and innovative things, just like you I have never experienced it before.” After the initial announcement. “We are working on a large-scale game with rich content, focusing on a lot of action and a lot of energy.”

Deviation Games is another big gain for Sony.It wasn’t until March that the company announced , A studio founded by former Ubisoft and Stadia producer Jade Raymond to fund a new original PlayStation game.

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