Facebook Messenger adds a custom QR code for Facebook Pay transactions

Facebook is making it easier Send money In the messenger. The application now supports Venmo-like QR codes and personalized links for personal-to-personal payments using Facebook Pay. With the update, users can access their QR code and link in Messenger’s settings to request payment. Facebook pointed out that even if you are not a Facebook friend, these features can be used, which should make it easier to send or request payment to strangers.

This does not seem to be the biggest use case, but it may be particularly convenient for those buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace, where transactions usually start on Messenger. Now, buyers and sellers may be more motivated to use Facebook Pay instead of resorting to Venmo or other third-party apps to complete the payment. This feature is currently only available in the United States, but the company said it will launch more updates “soon.”

Messenger also showed some other new features, including a new “Quick Reply” bar for replying to photos and videos, and a new chat theme for customizing the inbox.

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