Apple hires former BMW and Faraday Future executives to join the electric car team

Apple hires former BMW executive Ulrich Kranz to join its automotive team. Bloomberg The news was confirmed on Thursday, noting that he had joined the tech giant in recent weeks.Kranz worked at BMW for 30 years and eventually led the development i3, The car manufacturer’s first all-electric car. After leaving BMW in 2017, Kranz continued to join Faraday Future. In the same year, this once-hyped electric car startup met Serious financial problemsOnly four months later, Kranz left Faraday and co-founded Canoo, the company behind the upcoming company. 33,000 USD MPDV1 electric fromBy the way, it is reported that Apple The idea of ​​acquiring this startup in 2020 was born.

According to Kranz LinkedIn, He left Canoo in April. Bloomberg The suggestion that hiring is a “clear sign” that Apple plans to build self-driving electric cars. According to media reports, Kranz’s boss is Dougfield, a former Tesla executive who once led the automaker’s business. Model 3 development team. Over the years, rumors about Apple’s legendary Project Titan project have fluctuated.It’s believed that Apple started developing electric cars sometime in 2014, but Restart project in 2016 After firing “dozens” of employees. In 2019, the company laid off again 190 workers from the same team. At that time, the scope of the project was Also changed many times. But even with the recent recruitment, Bloomberg Mark Gurman said that the product launch will take at least five years.

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