Amazon Echo Buds (2021) review: it’s easier than ever to summon Alexa

If you are Love Alexa, Amazon The first generation Echo Buds It’s a great pair of headphones.Of course, they don’t have the same sound quality or noise reduction capabilities as Apple’s and Samsung’s advanced options, but they are cheap, decent, and work better with Amazon’s voice assistants than Amazon’s voice assistants. Any other pair.

With its second-generation products, the Seattle-based technology giant refined its buds into more competitive products. The combination of wireless charging and noise reduction with a new pair of 5.7mm drivers and beamforming microphones creates the best overall experience possible for wireless earbuds under $150.

Coupled with some of the best app integrations available today, the new Echo Buds is one of my favorite all-round headphones.

New features of the second generation

Except for being made of the same matte plastic, the new Echo Buds are not similar to their predecessors. The old shell is flatter than the tall, the earplugs are tilted inside, and the new wireless charging shell is tall and thin.

They look and feel more streamlined. The bud itself is now completely round on the outside, and the previously two shiny raised touch controls are now indistinguishable from the rest of the headset, except for the Amazon arrow logo.

Noise reduction chips, new microphones and better drivers mean that the new Echo Buds feel a bit bulky, even though they are still 21% smaller than their predecessors. Nevertheless, I have no problems with them in my medium-sized earholes.They landed steadily behindFrankenstein’s monster The era of wireless headsets.

Finding the right candidate is Amazon’s top priority. Open the case and pair them with the Alexa app on your phone. It will ensure that you have selected the correct earbud size (Amazon provides four options and two sizes of silicone earbuds), thanks to the in-app simulation合 Test.

Photo: Amazon

I prefer the fit of Echo Buds AirPods Pro (8/10, wired recommendation), Because they don’t have the little elephant trunk of AirPods, but I have to give it to Apple to eliminate the noise. Even if the earbuds on Apple’s flagship earbuds are the wrong size, they are significantly better than these Amazon earbuds in reducing background noise. Despite this, the battery life of Echo Buds is longer than that of AirPods Pro (5 hours of noise reduction compared to 4 hours of Apple), and they have fast charging capabilities, allowing you to listen for 2 hours in just 15 minutes of wall-to-wall trips .

Like most non-Apple headsets, Echo Buds are better on Android phones than iPhones, although they are compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, as well as Amazon’s own assistant.I use it most of the time Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G Samsung provided me with a long-term loan, and they worked very well.I even combine them with mine Galaxy Watch Easy.

Alexa car

If you like Alexa. The best part of Bud is that they can easily summon Amazon’s AI assistant. I like to use Echo Buds to set timers, check the weather before running, and free my hands to check my schedule.

Obviously, your mileage will vary based on how much you like the voice assistant and Alexa, but it’s worth trying the voice activation feature before turning it off.

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